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Originally Posted by boostd92 View Post
Went to the strip last night, here are the details:

Great Lakes Dragaway, Union Grove, WI. DA around 38 (might be higher as this is calculated off today which is dry, yesterday it rained)

Car is a 2011 335i M Sport Coupe. 6MT, full weight with Nav. Car had 1/2 tank of 93 octane, two tool bags in the trunk (maybe 50lbs extra).

Powertrain is BONE STOCK with 2,000 miles on it. Car has Eibach Prokits, drop perches, and 19" wheels with 275 Nitto Invo street tires.

The track was about 49F making traction a bit difficult. I've had lots of MT RWD cars and (not to brag) have gotten pretty good at launching on street tires. My 92 Toyota MR2 cut 1.70 sixties on 18" street tires, and my last 400wtq V8 RX7 cut 1.8 sixties on 19" street tires... it's all in clutch modulation.

Anyway, NOBODY was getting out of the hole easy because of track temps, and I cut consistant 2.0x's all night. I only made 3 passes and they were RIDICULOUSLY consistant. I think the car has a 13.2 in her bone stock if I can get the 60ft down... maybe even quicker.

I was launching at 3500rpm with a half slip/dump method. I shifted near redline on the 1-2 and then shifted at 6500rpm for the 2-3 and 3-4.

Run 1:
60ft: 2.022, 13.518@103.68mph

Run 2:
60ft: 2.063, 13.494@103.78mph

Run 3:
60ft: 2.089, 13.494@103.69mph

Boostd great results especially for a stock car! You must be one of those few that know how to drive, I just wish the MPH at the end was 2-3 more.
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