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I really went back and forth, mostly for the phone functions, and then decided to NOT get the i-drive. When I finally got my car, I was very pleasantly surprised to find all of the phone features work like a champ w/o I-Drive. I can voice dial from the steering wheel, sync. my address book, dial by number w/ voice recognition, etc. My Nuvi seems to provide much better nav. than the BMW nav, so I think the "bling" factor was really the only loss I've felt.

As far as I have been able to tell, and I'd love for a forum member to correct me, the only 2 features I don't have are voice control of various non-phone functions, and "auto-vent" -- which will let you schedule a time to vent the car.

So in hind-sight, I think I would not order i-Drive again. It's now 1 year, 11 months before my next new car, so I've got time...