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Originally Posted by Dark_Knight_335 View Post
I don't see how lighting to 30 pin helps here. The lightning cable is a data cable - idrive results should be the same, no? I got one too, but now I ponder how good an idea it really was, what with a case and all- how will it fit?
The adapter converts the digital audio sent from the iPhone's Lightning connector into analog audio that can be used by cars that require an analog input via a Y-cable. iDevices with Lightning connectors no longer output analog audio signals the way devices with the 30-pin connector did, but the adapter has a DAC to restore that functionality.

Originally Posted by apw2607 View Post
BMW should just scrap the whole cradle development cycle. The cradle provides such little value it's completely ridiculous to continue.

The cost of this new cradle is going to be more than the phone. For what. A different iPod interface that cripples the rest of idrive. Video display when in park and debatable improvements to cellphone reception.

Just give folks additional USB ports in the center console and dump the cradles for good.

They should spend the time improving the apps platform and add news apps.
Spot on!

Originally Posted by arnsbrae View Post
This is the best and most insightful post I've seen on this forum for some time.

If you had just added fix integration of iPhone SMS and email, you would have covered everything!

Will it be possible to fit a cradle and the LTE adaptor together anyway?
Nope, the LTE hotspot uses the same baseplate connector and does not appear to offer a pass-through connector to stack a phone on top of it. But as the above post hinted, a mobile hotspot would actually make far better use of that connector than a phone IMHO. And before people say "Yes but you can just activate Mobile Hotspot on your cell phone", that's true, but that has its caveats:

1. Your phone might not support it.
2. Your phone might not support simultaneous voice and data.
3. Even if your phone DOES support simultaneous voice and data, it might drop from LTE to 3G data when you're on a call (AT&T does this).
4. LTE might not be available from your phone's carrier in your area and you might be unable/unwilling to switch your service to another carrier just to get LTE hotspot.
5. If you're not the only driver of said car, you can use this as a way to offer mobile hotspot without you being in the car or enabling Mobile Hotspot on everyone's phones.
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