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Originally Posted by FelixCatus View Post
Hi guys, I am looking for some advice.

Last week the battery of my '06 330i died (about 4 1/2 years in Texas, seemed reasonable) and the dealer asked me for $550/$600 to replace it. Local shops asked around $250. I finally settled for a local shop that replaced it for a World Source One battery.

The shop did a good job on my car, they also did the 60K miles service at very reasonable rates.

I never heard of World Source One, but the shop owner said it was as good or better than OEM. It comes with a full two-year warranty and that's about it. No promises of 85 months as other batteries do, but honestly, did you ever see a battery last 7 years? I never did.

The question is, does any of you ever heard of World Source One? (link here: What's your experience with them?

I've only found one post on the issue where someone says that this battery is better than Interstate because it's made in Germany instead of China, but the post offers no other information backing this claim.

Thanks for your advice!

Did you get it registered? Is it the same size (performance wise, not physical size) and type as the original battery?