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Originally Posted by obert View Post
On the all wheel drive model there is another button were the heated seat buttons are call the Hill Descent Control (HDC). And if the car has a rear window sun shade the come up and cover the rear window that button is also there with the heater seat buttons.

So if they could figure out a way to just have the row of button on the bottom I am sure a lot more people would be looking into getting this unit for their car.

Thanks for the reply
Hi obert, thanks for your explanation. Now I know the HDC, yes as I've checked with our tech, this button can't be used with our unit too.

But if our dual can bus is possible to adopt in the future unit, both the heater seat buttons & the HDC buttons can work with our unit.

Your advice is quite decent and valuable, thank you very much! Any news in the future, I'll update you guys, just stay tuned!

Originally Posted by xjohnx View Post
Yeah I am a little confused. All this kit does is relocate the buttons right? So how would your head unit make these buttons not work? I've seem others use the dynavin unit and this relocation kit and all works fine?
Hi john, I've confirmed with our tech again, even if with the relocation kit, the heater seat buttons still can't work with our unit, since it doesn't have the dual can bus system. Hope you can understand.

For the dynavin unit, did you refer to their DVN-E9X model? If so, this dynavin unit has the dual can bus system, so if adding that kit, the heater seat buttons can work the unit.

If not, please kindly PM me their model No. Thanks!