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Afternoon Gents,

I've got a chance to get out of my 57 plate 320i (with 105k) and into a 58 plate 320i with 30k on the clock for not alot of money.

The engine management light/lack of power/slight mis-fire have occured pretty much since i purchased her back in feburary.

Is the problem still apparant in later model 320's or with low mileage or could i see the same faults?

Its also an auto im looking at as opposed the my current 320 which is a manual. Is there any issues with the auto box i should be worried about.

Kind Regards,

My car is a 58 plate LCI 318i, only 27k on it and I've owned it from new. I've never experienced the engine management light. However, up until I got the last set of injectors, coils and spark plugs in September 2011, I was experiencing a lack of power and mis-fires very regularly. Touch wood, the car has been OK since last September, it gets serviced this week and, as mentioned will get another set of coils under warranty at the same time.

Mine's a manual so I cannot really comment about the auto box.