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Originally Posted by EpicE92 View Post
Although various members have stated when they fill up with gas they leave the car on. Everyone who has bashed them for doing so hasn't yet given an answer to WHY it is bad to do so... I personally do shut my car off, but what indeed is the real reason to shut the car off?
Cuz the fuel fill area is notoriously close to the car's exhaust. It's not as dangerous as say filling up a hot lawn mower but it's still an ounce of prevention as the penalty for failure is kinda severe.

It is probably more of a holdover from the earlier days of cars before fuel injection and electronic engine control where cars could easily backfire through a catless exhaust, etc. Cars today are a ton safer in numerous ways but where heat and gasoline might meet that ounce of prevention is never a bad idea IMO.

I never did meet or hear of someone who had a problem filling up a running car but I did bump into someone who failed trying to fill up a hot lawnmower once. Not pretty.
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