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Originally Posted by Templar View Post

But, it's perfectly OK for YOU to try to force others to think like you... That's why all of your threads are a joke. You should win the hypocrite of the year award on this forum

Long gone is the mass hysteria that ensued in 2008, over a young, energetic and idealistic Barrack Hussein Obama. I remember the promises of grandeur well. He promised he was going to dig this country out of the recession, cut unemployment before the end of his first term, close Gitmo, cut the deficit in half, re-shape Washington and the promise that his administration would be more transparent.

While optimistic voters rode the wave of promise, hope and “change” into the voting booth, as it turns out he failed to deliver on almost every single promise he made to the people to include his promise to not run for reelection if he failed to live up to his end of the bargain. During the campaign it was George Bush and the Republican Party that were made the whipping boys and the media had a field day. Now the tables are turning and it is Barrack Obama and the Democratic Party that are in the spot-light. The failings of this administration are so abysmal that he and those in the Democratic Party cannot run for reelection on his record, but instead they try to attack the credibility of his opponent. The cold reality is starting to set-in for many liberals that hitched their caboose to good ‘ol Barrack and still do. Those same individual will be damned if they would vote for a Republican President regardless of the state of this great country and where it is headed. Instead, they put on the blinders and follow their fearless leader into battle with a cult-like mentality.

While I am sure the truth hurts, I am not trying to force anyone to think like me, nor do I give a shit what you or any of the other lobotomized liberals believe. And the only thing I peddle in is information and it's up to anyone that reads it to determine whether that information is of any benefit to them. The wisecracks from the liberal peanut gallery on here will have no impact on the outcome of the election; it only magnifies their ignorance and stupidity.

Anyway, don’t you guys have to go occupy a park somewhere?