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Originally Posted by Agni
I love Tag Heuer! Its my Fav Watch brand.

I have the CJF2110.BA0576 model from the Link Series. It is a gorgeous watch..though a bit heavy.

I orignially wanted to get the Carrera but its way too big for me.

C.D Peacock is where I bought mine, they are an authorized retailer. Probably one of the best places on Michigan Ave. to go to.
Although I could have gotten it way cheaper on sure if they honor warranty).
It was kind of an Impulse buy at the store, wasnt even thinking about getting a watch. _._

Btw your watch is nice, I saw it at the store. But gold is not my style. :P
Thanks. They had that watch also, it's nice as well. I already have a watch that looks very similar to that (not a Tag) which is why I went with the one I bought. I needed something with gold in it to "break" up the current lot of watches I have.