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David wrote in part, "...iam sorry you are unhappy with bmw's
direction. if we can help you in any way to change your mind or make yo aware of features and functions you may be unsure of, just post your questions and thoughts.

its good to read your thoughts. makes for an interesting thread a long as we can contain our answers to being kind, even when we totally disagree. remember not everyone shares our passion for the e90."
Thanks for your note regarding the front valence. I have owned and driven BMWs for more than 30 years (Beemers and Bimmers) as well as a long time member of the BMW RA and the BMW CCA. As such, I feel entitled to comment on what I perceive to be the direction of the company that I have supported and defended for so long.
One of the major reasons for BMWs success in the U S market has been that it has, (arguably until recently) listened to club members with respect to issues of interest to them and has acted on the club's advice and admonishments.
As regards Mr. Bangle's involvement with the E90. I believe that he is the overall Director of styling for BMW AG though I don't recall his official title at the moment. Be that as it may, it is apparent that the stylists were reined in on the E90 as it is the bread and butter car in the line-up. My post was intended to highlight a couple minor points that BMW might wish to addresss.