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We should also use this thread to store links and pics to the ads for the 330i when it came out in 2005/2006.

Anyone have a list of these?
Not exactly, but I have some links to reviews and specs that we might as well archive here. I also copied and pasted some quotes to make us all feel good about our cars.

Motor Trend 06 330i vs 06 IS350 vs 06 C350:
(0-60 in 5.8, 14.5 @ 96.7 mph: "Which brings us--surprise, surprise--to the BMW. The slowest in a straight line? Check. The least powerful? Check. The winner? Oh, yeah. First, the 330's acceleration times aren't that much slower than the others'--c'mon, it hits 60 in under six seconds--and, while not the most potent, it still produces 255 silky-smooth horses. Second, it has the best transmission of the group, more fluid and precise than the Benz's and, well, more involving and satisfying than the Lexus's paddles. Third, the chassis is to twisty roads as Angelina Jolie is to 1000-thread-count sheets--perfect! In addition to delivering an ideal 50/50 front/rear weight distribution, the 3 boasts near-telepathic steering, the best brake feel (and subsequently the shortest 60-to-0 stopping distance), and a suspension that soaks bumps like benzoyl peroxide, serves up 0.89 g on the skidpad, and treats understeer like a stranger.

As Mortara noted, "An amazing driving machine. You really do become one with the car when cruising through the canyons."

1st Place 2006 BMW 330i
Benchmark, standard, yardstick, epitome, quintessence--yeah, all of that.)

More 06 330i specs:
(0-60 in 5.6; also, good for not-so-often-published information like brake caliper size, gear ratios)

MSN autos 06 330i specs:

330i E91 Touring review (not available in the US, unfortunately):
(0-60 in 5.8, pretty good for a station wagon!)

Discussion of C&D 06 325i vs 330i:
(0-60 in 5.6, 14.3 @ 98 mph)

Edmunds 06 330i AT vs 06 IS350 comparo:
(0-60 in 6.7 but note this is AT not MT, 14.7 @ 96 mph, 0.92g skidpad

First Place: 2006 BMW 330i: During this test, we recruited our news editor, Mike Hudson, to be a second driver for the video shoot. First he drove the Lexus and was agog over its blazing performance. But when we swapped cars he could barely contain his excitement as he discovered that there is life beyond acceleration. After just 10 minutes in the car spent rounding curves for the video team, he jumped out and exclaimed: "This is your winner right here. This car feels great — it's more fun than the Lexus."

Driven in isolation, you'll be impressed by the Lexus — it's fast, comfortable and handles just fine for most people. But the 330i is still the performance sedan for people who enjoy driving as much as Homer Simpson enjoys beer.)

C&D 06 330i Long-term (40K miles) test:
(when new: 0-60 5.6, 14.4 @ 98 mph; with 40K mi: 0-60 5.9, 14.5 @ 97 mph:

None of this surprised us, given the 3-series' legendary sports-sedan status. But what astonished just about everyone who drove the car was its comfort and usability as an everyday driver. "The car absorbs bumps and expansion joints yet never pitches or rolls much," observed former associate technical editor Robin Warner. After a 1300-mile round trip from Ann Arbor to Virginia International Raceway, I noted that the BMW's "uncanny combination of control and compliance takes the fatigue out of driving this car."

One unexpected virtue of this latest 330i was its outstanding fuel economy. Our logbook was brimming with comments about the car's highway mileage. Online deputy editor Dave VanderWerp got 33 mpg while averaging more than 80 mph. That's amazing, even allowing for the 330i's optimistic speedometer, which reads 4 mph high at 80 mph.

In fact, we averaged 25 mpg with the BMW over 40,000 miles—the same figure we measured in a Suzuki Forenza wagon and VW New Beetle 1.8T, which are considerably smaller and slower. Interestingly, our long-term 1999 BMW 328i—the previous-generation E46—also delivered 25 mpg, but compared with this current E90, it was shy 62 horsepower and almost a full second to 60 mph.

All told, these faults were outweighed by the 330i's overall satisfaction. VanderWerp summed it up for all of us: "This is simply the best daily driver on the market—the ideal blend of sport, luxury, practicality, and excitement." And, no, Dave's bank account shows no evidence of any sudden, major, unexplained deposits.)
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