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Originally Posted by O-cha View Post
This is a torsen LSD it never "locks" the wheels, basically when one wheel spins faster in order to do so more torque has to be transmitted to the other wheel which must spin slower. This is a must and is how this type of differential works since it is purely a set of gears. Theres is never a lock like there is with a clutch type.

Of course it can be just as bad since its usually the inside wheel that loses traction while turning, which is also the wheel thats supposed to be turning slower, so in order for the torque to go to the outside wheel where there's traction the inside wheel has to spin faster.

Thats bad when your losing traction and trying to throttle into the corner (not to often), but it's better when leaving the corner.
Unless you are going off road or are into drfiting instead of cornering then you're never going to want a locked diff. What I was trying to do was to take the analogy of the LSD providing understeer by talking about the most extreme case.

If you want a little light reading on diffs you might want to take a look at

A quick point on Torsen diffs is that becasue they are TORque SENsing, they are absolutely no use when one whell is off the ground as there is no torque reaction to bring the diff into play. Not a problem for the likes of Tony or the E92 of course.

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