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Originally Posted by cadthis View Post
Just picked one up from our local store

Here's a newb question - Where exactly are we supposed to place/position the jack? Directly below the black rectangular thingie or beside it?

And after it's been lifted, where are the best locations to put the axle-stand(s)?

The black rectangular box is BMW's jacking point. It looks like a plastic box with one end open. If you're using a jack with a wide enough lifting cup, the black rectangular block should fit inside the cup. It's to prevent the metal jack from scratching the metal frame (which would allow for rust).

I like to put the jack stands under the differential but everyone seems to have different preferences.

Originally Posted by teamadobo View Post
I was told to use a hockey puck on top of the jack and the jacking point of the car? I remember reading a while back someone here was selling jack adapters. Where can I buy that?
I've been using a rag in between the BMW OEM jacking point and my old jack (Sold it today. The 3.5 ton Michelin Speedy Lift. If you're not worried about weight, it's the best...really heavy though at 100 lbs).

I've never had a problem with that plastic box getting crushed and BMW's designed that plastic box to be crushed first before the steel frame (which would cause rusting). So that's why I've never used an adapter.

If you don't have an adapter, I seriously wouldn't worry about it.

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