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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
good thing peeps didn't listen to your positive advice with the lpfs/hpfp issues. Where the f is this "sell the car" advice coming from? Brakes? Who says that is covered for life?
I didnt know LPFS/HPFP were safety concerns. From what im getting, the OP is stating that he would like BMW to repair his vehicle under a recall that is on other years/models of vehicles because its a safety concern, and your agreeing with this? In that case I want BMW to replace my HPFP on my 330! ohh wait I dont have one? I want it replaced anyway! I cant tell you how long I drove my 1995 Lumina with the airbag light on and there was a recall for a module on later years for something similar.

I shouldn't of been a dick and said sell the vehicle, I think I have been on these forums a bit too long (see below).

These cars are very expensive to fix and maintain, I came from other car forums including Corvette forum, Fiero forum (I have a 355 Spyder kitcar), and the DSM forum (I had a high 10's Talon TSI) and am respected for my information on those forums, but I still cant get my head around some of the negative posts on this forum.

I would have never chirp people for asking a silly questions, asking a question that has been answered a million times, or spelling errors, but for some reason behind a screen gives people permission to be real dicks and I guess I have taken some of this negativity in. People that know me, know I would give the shirt off my back for others.

To the OP, you need to give us more info or your request is very silly. Just because the 2007's were recalled with a similar problem, does not mean this entitles you to the same recall even if its a safety issue.