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Wheel hum but might not be tires?

Well, I have Conti DWS on my car and about 2 months ago I ran over a piece of L channel on th interstate. The tires only had 300 miles on them. It really was not that bad running over it but I did blow out both driver side tires. Discount Tire replaced those for free and I had them road force balance. However, since then, I get a "hum" from a tire when I hit 55mph and goes away at 65mph. No vibration but sounds like a tire "roar". Not too loud but still noticeable. They checked ALL the tires and nothing out of spec they can see. They even jsut replaced one of the "original" tires to see if that helped...They really worked hard to please me and I cannot thank them enough. If it is not the tires, what would cause the hum I hear. I know it is not a bearing, I replaced one of those on the rear about 4 months ago and it is a totally different sound.