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Originally Posted by Tom K. View Post
Considering they are "crap", my DWS tires have been quiet, good handling, soft riding and vibration free for 10,000 miles. I stopped using NTB when I got rid of my last Chevy nearly 3 decades ago.

OP, have you checked the driveshaft?

Yes, have your drive shaft checked. I had a set of DWS tires on my car for about 9k miles, they had great traction, but I got the same humming noise around 55-65 mph. Before I got the tires, the noise was being masked by my loud runflats and a bad rear wheel bearing.

I switched to a set of Michelin A/S tires, same humming noise. I finally got fed up with my dealer blaming the noise on the tires and had them examine the entire drive system, wheel bearings, transmission, transfer case, and drive shafts. One new drive shaft later, and problem solved.

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