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Originally Posted by G35to330i View Post
The chimes will certainly be missed, but I love good sounding music so my basic logic is that music > chimes, but I certainly see your point.

My logic with the 2 4ch amps is as follows:
-1 "front" 4 channel amp powering the front of the car - "front" channels going to the front door mid/tweeter, "rear" channels going to the under seat subs (crossed over as LP @ ~150hz from what I understand)
-1 "rear" 4 channel amp powering the rear of the car - "front" channels going to the rear door speakers, "rear" channels going to the rear deck speakers.

I would disregard the center channel speaker as I have heard it is of little use anyway, and quite honestly I can't see how to power it outside of adding another amp or changing out a 4 channel for a 5 channel.

The separate 2ch amp will be used to power a single JL audio 10" subwoofer.
Agree re: centre channel. However, for fronts + tweeters, don't you use one channel for that and just split with crossovers - or do I misunderstand how they count "channels"? Also; aren't there 2 more tweeters somewhere in the back? I'm thinking - 2 tweeters in front, 2 speakers in front, 2 in the rear doors, 2 on the rear deck - that adds up to 9; but AFAIK they advertise L7 as an "11" speaker system, so there's 2 more tweeters somewhere I think.

Don't forget that you have twin subs under the seats, btw. Have you considered replacing them with slightly more powerful ones? I used to run a 10" sub in my previous car (in my sig), and I must say - oomph wise, the twin under-seat ones are not entirely horrible compared to that one. And please, insulate your trunk properly. There is nothing worse than a BMW with a rattling license plate.... I am willing to forgive riced Honda Civics that do it, as there is little hope for them, but for a proper car, it's unacceptable

Originally Posted by gIzzE View Post
Best thing to do is take your car into a garage with autologic and get them to delete the options like, Logic7, SOS, Bluetooth etc.

Then fit aftermarket gear.
What would that do?
[edit[ i mean, i understand they would remove the options from the car, but what's the goal of that if he's removing the associated hardware anyway? won't throw codes maybe?
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