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Originally Posted by phillyboy328 View Post
I bought my 2010 E90 CPO in November. My car has 43,000 on it. I've the extended warranty as well as maintenance plan which everyone on the forum knows covers all maintenance. So my question is this, the last few weeks I've noticed that when I brake I get a vibration that in steering wheel. I suspect it's a warped rotor. does anyone know of these are covered under my maintenance plan? I called my local BMW dealer and they told me they weren't sure BMW would cover this. I've only barely put on 1,500 miles on the car since I bought it. Thanks in advance for any advice and helpful tips to my question.
Rotors/pads are not covered in extended warranty.
However,you can politely dispute with the dealer you bought the car from, since its just 1500 miles and you got the issue.
However, when I bought my car I had problem with steering vibrating when brakes applied. My SA told me that may be the car was sitting on lot for a long time, that affects rotors. They ran my car by pressing brakes hard and told me to do hard braking for a while and it will go away, and yes the vibration went away. My guess is the pads were replaced and the rotors were not.