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Originally Posted by Neurorad View Post
If marijuana is illegal, then alcohol should be too. Alcohol is much more destructive, addictive, and impairing. It's abused constantly.

I could see, in the distant future, marijuana being sold like liquor, with the states deciding how it's distributed/sold. It will be legal once the government recognizes that it is a HUGE source of tax revenue.
Alcohol was illegal for a few years. Alcohol is more physically destructive than marijuana. Either will go a long way toward harming one's future. I believe that marijuana is more psychologically addictive than alcohol.

That one vice is legal does not prove that another should be legal.

Twenty five years ago I would have supported legalization. Certainly not now.

I have known more marijuana smokers who have given that up than alcoholics who have been able to quit alcohol. The addictiveness may be a significant factor. Another is the availability. With marijuana, although it is accessible, it is not as accessible as alcohol. Alcohol doesn't have the same repurcussion in drug tests at work as marijuana. If marijuana were legal, it would have far more users and persistently so.