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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
You can have your opinion about the effectiveness of the President. My opinion differs highly. My criticisms of his presidency would likely be very different than yours on most points. Where we may agree is on the deficit. Early in his presidency this nation needed to run on a deficit. It was what pulled us out of recession. After his re-election, there should have been a different approach because the economy had largely recovered. He should have vetoed some spending bills forcing congress to pay down the defict. He didn't do it until last year. The delay of the inevitable has been unhelpful because his leverage is less than what it was when there was a Republican congress. Now it is opposition all the way.

This does not place all the blame on the President. The congress is supposed to be more responsible themselves.

Mike Gravel is a fruit loop.

It is not my opinion -- it is the opinion of the majority in this country and about 97% of the world's population.
If you trully believe that the only thing he messed up is his budget, you live in ID. Ah, wait a minute...
And by him, I mean directly W and his Administration (or whatever is left, not jailed or under investigation or removed for knowing the truth...