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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
1. True about the temps, but there are correction factors for the dynos.
And because his stock HP numbers pretty much mirror exactly what stock HP numbers have been on 335i's at Harman, it appears the correction factors have been adjusted for the difference.
As for power, yes, I've already pointed out peak power is only one aspect.
But I've looked at this post and it's dyno:

And then look at mine also on a dynojet (post #13 of the thread has my dyno results. Look at the green one which is 93 Octane just like the AA Xede's were testing on. And this was with only 5-10 minutes to let the PROcede adjust to the 93 Octane and after 10 runs in 40 minutes so the car was quite hot):

It's hard to compare exactly since once again the AA Xede dyno shows MPH instead of rpms.
But look at the power curve especially near redline, the AA Xede clearly drops off in power more and faster than the PROcede.
Also, keep in mind, my car is an AUTO.
The AA Xede car in the dyno is a manual.
Manual PROcede cars dyno about 8-10 HP more.

2. To have the superior product (newer and better technology) in my $48K car, yes.

The AA Xede is a very good product to be sure. But let's face it, if you had the choice back in 2006 of buying the perfectly good brand new BMW 330i or spending just a bit more for the 335i which would make more sense?
That same analogy could still be used for current 330i owners.
If they were offered to get out of their loans/leases and get into a new 335i and spend only $30-50 more a month, even though their 2006 330i is a wonderful piece of machinery, don't you think many would choose to upgrade?
That's my point between the Xede and the PROcede.

When are you going to realize comparing dyno's is a waste of time. It's so funny when people bench race.

The way I see it they are both good products and they will each continue to make customers happy. The only thing i find annoying is that any thread with positive comments about a competitors product is attacked.

There is no need to bash or constantly wave the flag, contrary to forum belief happiness can exist without a procede.