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Originally Posted by rflow View Post
When are you going to realize comparing dyno's is a waste of time. It's so funny when people bench race.

The way I see it they are both good products and they will each continue to make customers happy. The only thing i find annoying is that any thread with positive comments about a competitors product is attacked.

There is no need to bash or constantly wave the flag, contrary to forum belief happiness can exist without a procede.

Yes, I am well aware that comparing dynos is not perfect, but it's surely not a "waste of time"
What's more of a "waste of time" is comparing track times at different tracks!
Dynojets are dynojets.
Sure they may read "slightly" different at different locations, but they are still the SAME measuring device. That cannot be said at ALL when comparing drag strips, as there are WAY too many different variables!!

Further, I stated, that since his stock numbers on that Dynojet dyno were right in line with the stock numbers at Harmans Dyno, that the two dynos are somewhat comparable then.
If anything, the dyno he used read a bit high, inflating the numbers a bit since he said it was 90 degrees out and humid, yet the stock numbers were still in line with what Harmsns dyno results were when temps were 55-65 degrees and 70% humidity.

I have also never said the AA Xede was not a good product or good choice for those that want it. It's like arguing BMW vs. Mercedes.
People will always have their reasons for choosing Mercedes but some can, and with a certain validity, argue that BMW is the better choice for people who care the most about sport driving.