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Originally Posted by gashero View Post
Terry, I am glad you upgrade from that turbo tuner and head in the right direction of a piggy back, but once again you think by saving money here you can get the same bang for the buck as the procede by justifying all this reason. Let me tell you something that you are not aware of about toonning your own "XMAP".
1) you cannot toon your own map unless you have some access to he xmap program
2) If you can tune your own map than you need some kind of wideband
3) If you get a wideband than you will have to spend roughly another 3-5 hundreds dollar.
4) If you than just want to load different xmaps only and play with it I hope AA will spend some time testing and getting map out as they are a big company and big company have many products to produce instead of focusing on a single product (xede).
5) Do you know how to play with alcohol injection, because I don't think you can installed and run just like your ex turbo tuner. It will require some custom tunning.
Take my word this is from an ex xede owner.

This isn't my first time at the rodeo.