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Originally Posted by colekingx View Post
After weighing my options, I have decided to paint my bumper cover myself, as it is way cheaper and I'm not looking for absolute perfection. I plan on buying color matched paint from, along with adhesion promoter, primer, and 2k clear from amazon. If anyone has any tips/tricks or suggestions, please let me know. Also, how many cans do you guys think I will need for 2-3 base coats on the bumper, with each can containing 12oz.
How much is a body shop charging you? $500-$1000?

Have you heard of the saying: Buy once, Cry once.

If you're not gonna use an air gun then forget it. another thing is dust, so you'll need some kind of a booth.

Supplies alone are gonna run you a good amount and it's still gonna look like shit.
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