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BMW Performance Srings T1, T2, T3, T4 Part Numbers E90 E91 E92 E93 E82 E88 E87

I'm not sure which ones work best on e92 335i MT. 328csl has a MT E92, maybe his setup can help you.

Which struts will you install?

I was able to put these part numbers together from posts by Mr.5, 328csl and other members here

T1 Front: 31-33-6-788-891
T1 Rear: 33-53-6-788-898

T2 Front: 31-33-6-788-892 (confirmed)
T2 Rear: 33-53-6-788-899 (confirmed)

T3 Front: 31-33-6-788-893 (confirmed by Mr.5)
T3 Rear: 33-53-6-788-900 (confirmed by getbmwparts)

T4 Front: 31-33-6-788-894 (verified on my e90)
T4 Rear: 33-53-6-788-901

Heres a REAR spring number I found but did not see a T#

As for struts I found these numbers on this forum:

BMW Performance 1st version released U.S.
Front Left Strut: 31 31 8 036 553
Front right Strut: 31 31 8 036 554
Rear Shocks: 33 52 8 036 026

BMW Performance 2nd version released U.S.
Front Left Strut: 31-31-6-788-887
Front Right Strut: 31-31-6-788-888
Rear Shocks: 33-52-6-788-890

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If anyone can confirm or deny these, PLEASE post a reply! digging through all the posts was kinda crazy. Having all the numbers in one place would be great!

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