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Originally Posted by adobeee View Post
At her door, I just told her..hey i hope last night was okay and i didnt mean to give you the wrong impression from last night.

What should I do now? Is she losing interest? When's the next best time to talk to her?
DON'T APOLOGIZE FOR GOING AFTER WHAT YOU WANT. You're a man and it's completely natural- not something to apologize for. The only thing to apologize for is putting VERY intense pressure on her. And too fast doesn't mean "no", it means "not yet".

Next time she says something like "too fast", try something like this. Act completely unstarteled and don't skip a beat. Slowly put your hand on her somewhere "OK". Then put her hand on yours and tell her something like "You're in complete control of this situation. I'm going to let things flow naturally, but if you don't like where my hand is, just brush it away or put it somewhere you do want to be touched" Then, over the course of 15 minutes escalate again VERY gradually, giving her plenty of chances to de-escalate if she wants. She probably won't, but if she does more than a couple of times, just be OK with it- not disappointed OR apologetic.