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One thing that I have always felt was important is to continue to work to improve your product no matter how good it is. Vishnu/FFTEC informed me that they have made some improvements to the ProcedeFlash, so I sent them my DME this week to upgrade it. They turned the DME and got it back to me within one day to minimize the impact. Today, I finally got to drive the car with the new firmware and ProcedeFlash, so I thought this was a good time for an update.

I always log updates first thing so I know what is going on with my car. As I see it, making sure the car is happy is critical. Let me jump right in and show you those logs... note in log 1 I ran the car at 21 psi to test things and in log 2 I pushed the boost back to 23 psi. MAP2 is boost as read from my AEM 3.5 bar sensor.

When I got done with the logs, the first thing I noticed was Vishnu/FFTEC clearly made some adjustments with fueling because my trims are now around 9% max at redline. I am amazed, but this fuel system definitely has a lot left in it! Shiv really has massaged this fuel system and has everything dialed in for a lot of power.

You will also notice a very refined boost control that is very, very smooth from peak boost to redline. Shiv has the boost control dialed in incredibly at this point. The car hits the commanded targets and stays spot on. It feels like Shiv has suceeded in making more power in the mid levels on the car. Prior to the update, it felt more like the boost ramped up a bit toward redline, but now it is a table top.

From a driveability standpoint, I wish I knew exactly what they are doing with the Procede / Flash to explain, but the car feels a bit snappier into boost now. It feels like my car builds boost a little quicker. It is just a bit quicker responding car than before and I felt before it was incredible how quick the car responded to my input.

The truth of the matter is Vishnu/FFTEC had my car dialed in incredibly well before the update, but it feels even a bit more bullish now. The mid rpm is the most noticeable area where the power has increased. The boost control is amazing with the new update too! I think this should put to rest whether our fuel system is maxed at this power level because the trims prove there is a lot left in this fuel system. I am interested to see the fuel system upgrade the Vishnu is planning to release and I will upgrade as soon as possible.
What's the max fuel trim allowed at WOT? 100%? How does this calculation work?

Max trim would read at 34%, that's where fueling cuts out.

thanks to MGallop