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Misfire with Stock Tune

Yep, another misfire thread. I've searched, but haven't really found the solution.

The car misfires in 4th gear or higher starting at about 2,250 RPM, eventually tripping a code for cylinder 5. The car has 51k miles on it now. What I've done so far to try and diagnose this problem:

- Replaced all 6 spark plugs, no change at all
- Swapped coils 2 and 5, misfire stayed on 5
- Replaced number 5 injector with brand new part, updated coding, and double checked all injector values with INPA

Have not cleaned/swapped VANOS solenoids or checked/cleaned the intake valves yet.

I hit enough random buttons in INPA to get a freeze frame out of the DME for the most recent misfire event, but I know a total of two German words. Does anyone see any clues in this data?