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I have the same exhaust paired with VRSf downpipes and think the exhaust sounds great. Drone is expected with alot of the aftermarket exhausts out there, though there is variances with the amount in each. No matter what car you have, upgrade the exhaust and some drone may be expected. I notice that alot of the owners on this forum throw exhausts on these cars and think they are going to pur like a kitten. What did everyone think was going to happen by removing the cats? Sorry that the drone isn't your cup of tea. Many people do what you originally did, and just replace the downpipes and keep the stock exhaust due to the sound. The resonators do little to prevent it. It happens mainly when the car is under load. It all comes down to personal preference though. Maybe there is some type of alternative for you that will work. E90Company's suggestion to swap for the Perf exhaust may work. I hear it is just slightly louder than the stock exhaust. I stay in Texas but am currently in Delaware on vacation. There is a huge difference in humidity between the two but not sure if that changed anything with the exhaust note or drone...sounds the same to me.