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Originally Posted by Clap135 View Post
Terry is simply wrong when he said he saw timing go up past base set timing, the only reason he could see that is if the car shifted load and relied on a different timing table based on less load.

This car's timing is very simple in how it works. If it doesnt hit the timing requested, the car knocked. It will never go above the requested timing unless the load lowers and the car begins running on a different timing table all together. Pretty simple
Yes sir, I agree. I actually have a bit of a theory. These cars actually have two timing tables (again, according to Rob at Cobb, I haven't played with them for myself yet), one is the default/normal timing table (of course with subtractors/compensation factors ect), and the other for failure cases. Since Terry was having a tough time identifying values, I think there's a good chance that he wasn't working with the normal load timing table. He actually sent me a screen shot of the interface, and unless the values have been modified, the timing values don't appear to look anything like the values of a stock car that Cobb posted. Again, he didn't mention if the values were modified or not, but here's a screen shot of the interface he sent me for the flash program he was working on:

My theory is that if those were the factory values in that screen shot, that the table he found was not the primary ignition advance table that Cobb was able to locate... which, granted, Cobb has been hacking ECU's for a LONG time, they're probably a little more adept at breaking down information within an ECU.

Again, this is just a theory, but it would explain why the BMS crowd thought the DME didn't have a set timing table. Just my $.02

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