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Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
Find a good exhaust fabricator and have the pipework,backboxes replaced with a straight thro pipe from the DPF straight through to the rear,you could go for a straightforward single pipe with single/ dual tips,or if you prefer a twinpipe system (the single pipe from the DPF would split half way down the car) with either single tips,or doubles,any of the above won't make a difference on the power side,but could impact aurally.

The benefits of the above are,quicker spool up time on the turbo/s which reduces lag,an engine that revs better (due to the non restrictions of the now missing backbox/s)and arguably better MPG and more power.
Thats exactly what i was after, thanks! The exhaust will be custom, just wasn't sure if there is anything specific i should be asking for to achieve a good sound, aside from how i want it to look.
I'll post once its fitted, it will be a twin pipe, but no M badges i promise!