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Originally Posted by alec1722 View Post
Even with the uneven lighting, I still like Lux better. OSS just looks a little too aftermarket. I realize they're expensive and high quality work but it looks kind of tacky.
Ehh for me the lux are really nice but I want something brighter that you can see clearly in the daytime. Plus doing a blackout or partial blackout makes the car look so much more aggressive.

Originally Posted by Blindside_137 View Post
Idk, I've never seen a two tone light mounted or not mounted that I thought looked good.

Again, I like the OEM design and that type of stuff just screams aftermarket.

But whatever you go with will be a head turner for sure. If it were me, I'd leave the housing chrome and just do the rings.

I wish other people would chime in lol. I don't want to be the person telling you which way you should go without a second opinion haha.

In the end ACM or OSS can hook you up. It's whether or not you want people knowing your lights are aftermarket.
Just thought i'd let you know I got a reply today. They don't have any pics of the black rings installed but they're done by using a "special black transparent paint." They said that although the light output is dimmed a little bit due to the black paint, it's not that much and barely noticeable. I was also told the first quote I got didn't include rings (I forgot to mention I wanted those too) so i'm most likely not going with lightmodz since the price will be even more than what it already is. They do quality work but i'm not looking to pay an insane amount... I'm waiting to hear back from some guy local who does them for a very reasonable price and there is no downtime since he works on lights then you come and swap yours with ones already done.
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