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Originally Posted by cdgatti View Post
Wonder if you use this set up with an alpine pxa-h800 and go optical out from the AE right into the alpine's optical? Avoid another DA conversion.
That is the BEST case scenario of course!

Just a quick update, I am getting some drop-outs with the Airplay connection, so I am working on fixing that. In my living room it worked flawlessly, so I am trying to figure out what is different in the car. One thing of course is the power connection, so I'll look at that first.

So far the drawbacks I have noticed:

- Have to wait until AE boots up, which is about 90 seconds after I unlock the car (AE v3 is supposed to start up much quicker)
- Have to manually switch iPhone output to Airplay every time I get in the car
- Audio drops out occasionally (working on a fix)
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