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Auto - Hard/Missed Shift from 3rd-4th Under Load

Hi guys I have a shifting issue I'm trying to figure out. I have an 09 335xi Auto that recently in the cold we had here started randomly losing it's xdrive, DSC, ABS etc. while driving at highway speeds. Pull over turn the car off then on and everything is well again. Since it's got warmer this doesn't happen anymore unless I'm running WOT and shifting from the top of third into 4th which I first noticed when running some logs. Same thing, dash lights up like a Christmas tree, pull over plug in the MHD to read codes and nothing.

I seem to be able to replicate it constantly now but only when WOT shifting into 4th. Delay, then hard bang into fourth or yesterday it missed fourth altogether, revved up to redline and locked me into 3rd. That gave me codes when that happened 2E7F, CD99, CD9D, CD9E, CDB0. Turned the car off and on and all was well again.

Trying to know if this is more likely to be tranny, TC or TC actuator related. Anyone else have the same or similar experience?