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BT Paring Issue (Samsung S3)

It seems that Branded Samsung S3 are not compatible with BMW Telematics and Unbranded versions are.

I do not understand why this is. This has been discovered by my service centre who have raised the question with Samsung.

They cannot flash my current Vodaphone UK unlocked phone with unbranded software as it will invalidate my warranty so they have send a job report and have ask if they would offer an exemption in writing so my phone can be flashed or better still be offered a replacement unbranded phone.

The baseband version on the unbranded phone was different to the branded version and it was not running the latest baseband. On my branded phone it did not work either the latest or the previous firmware as they had another S3 on T-Mobile & O2 and they did not work either.

THEY "Samsung" must either offer me a new phone or allow current phone to be flash it is not right to be held a will to have a phone that cost me 300 plus a two year contract and I cannot get it to work.

The Faults:

The fault is to due with Contacts stored in Gmail. The car cannot pull down the contacts and store them and it causes the phone to disconnect and remove it profile after attempting several times.

If you set the phone to not download contacts from phone to car, the phone works perfectly with the car.