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Originally Posted by SF Space Grey View Post
I live by the ballpark in SOMA (Go Giants!). I usually go to the wash at 10th and Harrison, though the area's a little sketchy after dark. Rinse-less might be the way to go--thanks for the tip. I'm checking out Optimum No Rinse wash now... I could just grab a bucket of water and do that in 30 min in a parallel parking space or cul de sac.
For better results..... use the 2 buckets method with grid guards or the "Gary Dean" method. ONR is a great product with many uses. CG Eco Wash is another one. Make sure you have some good quality MF towels and not those AutoZone or Costco Crap to ensure a swirl free finish. Over 90% of the swirls you see in cars were induced from improper washing techniques.

Let me know if you need more info. GO GIANTS!!!!!

BTW.... did you see the parade today????? Over 1 Million fans showed up.
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