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Originally Posted by djgandy View Post
No one said there was an accident? There wasn't any chance of an accident because the OP minimised the risk by stopping when he saw the Peugeot ignoring the give way markings. The hesitation comes after the initial incident where both parties have stopped and frankly shows the stupidity of the Peugeot driver when he still tries to go even though the gap he must have at that point is pretty small.

The OP is approaching a round about and the Peugeot seems to think that because the OP is going fairly slowly that he can push his luck and barge out into the road, or that it is some indication that he should.

I hope the Peugeot driver was either fairly young or a new driver because they are showing a lack of experience of driving here. My basis for this is that they are coming from a minor road onto a main road and they think they are going to get 2 for 1. The VW went before him, his turn is after the next car has passed. The VW actually does the right thing and uses the yellow box in his favour but the Peugeot is just being stupid.

I agree that this is a pretty small day to day incident, but I don't think the thread was claiming it was anything major. It's easy to look in hindsight and say the other guy did stop, but you can't say that until after he has stopped, or is in the side of you.
Thanks mate for explaining what some others may have failed to even think.

Just to add into whole scenario, if it was
- teenager / failry young driver
- Very elderly driver
- or a normal Joe

in that car, I would have ignored.

What pisses me that it was a lady driver who was in her 40-50s and possibly a professional (lease car) who drove like a .... and not even a sense of guilt.

I showed the video to my other half and she commented that other driver was 'idiot' and then I told her that it was a female!'. No surprise to her but it surprised her that why is she trying to enter into that space and trying to pull out.