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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
I am starting with this comment as this comment is spot on. I slowed as the other driver did not bother to stop. Bringing the nose of your car a bit out is good but you need to brake at some point especially if its not your right.

If you watch the video from 1:03-1:05, you may observe that the other driver only stopped as I kept going on.

It was my right to carry on but the other driver thought to carry on for some reason.

I stopped in front of that car as I felt that other driver was going to carry on. Did not want to have any accident.

We had eye contact and which was rude in a way...'Get out of my way' from the other side. Again the person tried to pull out of that space where to me its 'impossible to pull out' and it made me 'typical BMW driver' and attitude 'you can't pass from here as its my right of way'.

Spot on Ian as usual (exception is the gay part) . I have a rule that when there is traffic and somebody is waiting on a junction / give way before I approach, I allow them to move whenever possible. And hence I signaled the black VW to move and he thanked me for that.

But that does not mean I am allowing black car behind that VW.

And I have learnt a lesson not to drive 'aggressively' when its rush hours or traffic is packed.

And in my defense I can say that I am 'heavy footed'.
You are more than welcome to take my car but I don't think that 320i would be any good for you

This is exactly what I felt and the other driver did not stop. The other driver was not young at all and possibly in 50s. However the other driver was from a minority group which always tend to rush and drive at 65MPH on the fastest lane whereas other lanes are usually empty.

Guys, the first stop was a mixture of 'don't want accident' and 'its my right of way so I am stopping and giving you a look'.

After that, two movements of the car are voluntary while saying 'why did you tried to push in'. Sorry, I was nasty at the end but the attitude of the other driver stunk.

I think you really need a dashcam as it could have helped you in your recent incident (where you were pulled).

Yellow boxes are for the traffic coming from my right when the traffic is bad. And as you said it was my right of way, hence I continued.

Alex, the video may give you that impression. If that was the case, then the other driver could have raised hands... or at least should have give the impression of guil.

And I can assure you that the other driver was not confused. The other driver tried to move when I stopped and clearly there was no space. I moved a bit when other driver tried to move and that driver moved again. I got the impression, get the fuck out of here or I will hit you.

At the end I moved thinking of the Ian's signature but with some modification

'Never argue with an idiot on the ROAD. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.'

Someday we'll meet on those roads bud.

I have mentioned why I stopped. I think that the other driver should have stopped as it was not their right of way.

Its Kukas LK-7900.
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