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Grabby Initial BrakeApplication on 6MT?

First off, I tried doing a a search, but I only seemed to come up with a different problem, described as sticky brakes. What I have isn't that.

Some background, I just bought the car used. An '06 330i Manual Sport Package with 27k miles. New here as well, though I've been reading Bimmerforums quite a lot more.

What I'm experiencing is that the brakes seem to have quite a lot of initial bite. Almost a ridiculous amount. As in I'm trying to just lightly brake for a red light in the distance, and just lightly touching on the brake pedal gets the car slowing down so aggressively that my passengers head's all bobbing back and forth.
This only happens when I'm trying to slow down lightly, and be gentle with a passenger. Which of course makes it doubly annoying.

When I'm driving faster and more aggressively they seem to feel perfectly normal and controllable.
Now I've driven a lot of cars throughout the years, and quite a few performance cars. Previous car was a modded Eclipse with uprated brakes and my current weekend/ summer car is an '01 Z3 Sport package. Even the Eclipse running Porterfield pads was much more controllable than this.

Could this be one of the electronic nannys? Like prepping the brakes when you let off the gas or the brake drying thing?
Anyone else experienced this?