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Originally Posted by boostd92 View Post
Everything is working now but my logs on map1 didn't look so good. I'm not getting much if any timing. I've done about 6 WOT pulls in 3rd gear so I would thing autotuning should have done it's thing. I'm getting 8psi right away, then a pause for a second or so, then it climbs to 13.5psi (target boost).
This can be solved quite easily. What map are you using and have you made any changes to the default settings. What octane do you use. What other mods do you have ?

Originally Posted by boostd92 View Post
Where in the user software can I adjust the min/max's of the graphs that are displayed? For example, if the important part of the pull is from 10 seconds to 29 seconds, how do I shorten that from the 1min+ of log displayed?
Press "P" and set either Autoscale or Min and Max values. Move mouse over the chart you want to change. Also use Page-Up / Page-Down to cycle through the channels you added to a single chart. Try to use the same scaling for all channels on the same chart.

Press Up/Down arrow to zoom in/out around where the mouse is. Also you can place two markers (with right mouse click) and then with the Data menu, zoom that area.