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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
He doesn't need to. But he has a right to. Just like we don't need cars, but by our right we own and drive them. Yes i realize that the sprawling culture we live it nearly makes it necessary to own a car but i see plenty of people out there getting by with out them. The point is that there are many things people don't need to do, but by our constitutional rights we do them anyway.

There was a video posted somewhere in this forum recently. Some idiot was exercising his right to open carry his firearm and record any incidents with law enforcement. The LEO in the video said he wished more citizens would exercise those rights because there would be much less crime.

From my point of view, i find it hard to argue with him.
Personally I don't think guns and cars are an equal comparison. But even if we take them as such surely you know it's much harder to get a drivers license than it is to buy a gun.

In most states before you can apply for a drivers license you must first get a learners permit. You're then required to wait a 2 week period before applying for a permanent license. In order to complete the application you must take a written and test followed by a driving test accompanied by an instructor to demonstrate your basic ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. There are no such requirements to buy a gun. Currently not every state requires everyone who want's to buy a gun to pass a background check. Current gun laws don't even restrict individuals on the Terrorist watch list from purchasing guns.

We have to have gun laws that make sense in today's world. I'm not suggesting that all guns be banned or outlawed. But there is clearly no justifiable reason for an average citizen to be able to own military assault weapons in civil society. I believe these are all areas where we can start to make changes in our current gun laws.