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Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
Did you see his MiB walkout dance? it was great

yea, pretty sure Fitch was top 5 even after losing to Maia, top 10 at the very worse
Yea I thought it was awesome, very original

Agree with Fitch being top 5 and definitely in the top 10. I thought it was a bit premature as we have no idea how much of a force Maia is at WW. Werdum was cut from UFC after losing to JDS, then JDS went on to become champ. Now Werdum is back in UFC. I'm sure if Fitch can string together a few dominant performances he'll be back. Or maybe he'll never be the same after the Hendricks KO. It was pretty brutal, some KO's like that can really impact a fighters mentality whilst softening up their chin for the next opponent.