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Fun Day at 1st 335 slips

Spent all day at MIR (Maryland International Raceway) in Budds Creek, MD w/ a group of fellow car enthusiasts for a private track rental. A majority of the guys were running some very powerful AMG cars. The highlight of the day was the fastest time ever recorded by a 600 series Mercedes. It was a S600 running at full weight, a/c on and all. He hit an unreal 10.80 at 130mph......ridiculous for such a big car.

One thing I want to point out is that today was HOT. Track temps were upwards of 96-97 degrees during a majority of the day. Not good air at all, everyone was complaining of running slower than normal. One of the GT2 owners actually said he ran in 60 degree weather not long ago and was 9mph faster.

I wont go through the whole list of cars but it ranged from Z06's, a Ford GT, 2 Porsche GT2's, Ferrari's who didnt run, full race turbo BMW's, AMG e55's galore, 3 VERY fast Supra's including a 9 second car and many many more. Total of 50 very fast cars. I was basically in the top 5 slowest of the day, but who cares when you get to see these beasts rag on it all day long!

VERY nice CL600 which was running deeep into the 11's

Between me and my friend we took over 12 gigs of photos, I have uploaded a few of mine but he was mainly shooting w/ his Canon. Not pictured in the below link was an unreal Ultima GTR running a turbo Ls1 trapping close to 140mph . I'll post pics of that stunner when he has downloaded his.

Here are all the pics I uploaded to so far:

On to my times. I have never ran a car at the quarter so I was pleased w/ my results. I did find the stock RFT absolutely worthless when running full out at a strip. I could not launch to save my life, best 60 ft time was a 2.070 (which is actually good) but mainly was in the 2.2 to 2.4 range. It was either spin spin spin or bog and then spin spin spin. I also had to abort my last 2 runs of the day due to some nasty wheel hop when leaving the was not a nice feeling. Anyone else having this problem??

Best run for me was:

60 ft - 2.135
1/8 - 8.562
MPH - 86.59
1/4 - 13.119
MPH - 108.40

I followed that with 2 more 13.1x runs shortly there after.

I'm happy w the times considering the serious heat and the stock runcraps.

Me against a tuned Supra Turbo...i actually won this race but he was running me down at the end, just not enough!

I was able to line up 2 very nice BMW's...1 supercharged 330ZHP w/ coilovers, BBS LM's, and stoptech brakes and 1 E46 M3 CSL replica w/ titanium exhaust and tune.

I am happy to report I pulled on both of them very handsomely even though they both beat me out of the hole. The 330 had a good 2 lengths on me w a 1.8x 60 ft time. I ended up stopping his movement in 2nd gear and ended up running him down and putting a few lengths on at the end.

Beautiful car

The M3 was the same story. He got his best launch of the day but I ran him down and passed him hard in the top half of 3rd and 4th.

Another beauty

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