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Originally Posted by taibanl

The difference is:
1) HD radio [US] vs DAB [EU]
2) Sirius

If a car does not have any MOST port, does ICOM have any advantage in that case?

It is not the dealer number, it is the VIN
What is sirius?

Going back to your question, you only require icom A to code it.
Icom B is for most loop.
And yes, all HUs have dealers number saved and I am not referring to vin.
So lets say if I code Uk unit to work in French car, it will still retain UK dealer number for emergency contact.
You can change it by advance coding but nobody bothers it. As in case of emergency, you will be relying on your phone and not HU.

If you were in Uk, I would have done it for you without any charges.
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