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Hi all,

I am in the same boat with most I replaced my business radio with professional originally I had Bluetooth and USB came with the radio without any coding. Later I tried to check some options with NCS and realized I still have 1RAD module, which I could not read. Then I add 2RAD which some how deleted the 1RAD automaticly. I tried to read it and still can not read it. While trying to read it I reset it and lost Bluetooth and USB.
Thanks to this post I managed to re add the Bluetooth and USB back how ever I still can not read the 2RAD. When I check the TRC or MAN files I got in the work folder that I used to recover the bluetooth it has soo many different lines then what I can see at NCS dummy. I think this might be the reason why when I reed it at NCS I always get an error.
Is there anybody who was able to fix this problem for a retrofit radio. All functions are working but not being able to read it at NCS makes me worry.
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