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So, Heat exchanger is part of all N52/53 in Europe. It is designed for performance set up where higher temperatures are expected. I read thoroughly this thread:
Your oil temperature will be more in check bcs. water pump on these engines work less during cruising, keepin high coolant temp. for efficiency. However, during performance driving it works at maximum to cool off engine as much as possible, lowering coolant temperature sometimes to 80c. That will cool off oil dramatically. Is it enough? N52 is not turbo, it does not create such high oil temperatures. I would personally go this just bcs. it is super easy and fast. It will help you during regular driving to keep oil temperatures in check. If you still have an issue, you can use same oil filter housing to add thermostat and oil radiator.
Now, I am in the process of adding cooler. Since here season is over, I am not in a rush, so next week I am going to slowly start to assemble it. You need oil filter housing with port for heat exchanger or thermostat. I got used OFH from 2015 X5, and new thermostat. Found brand new BMW oil cooler on eBay for $200. Usually used ones are around $200. You need supply and return hoses. Used are around $100, new around $175 per hose. Then you need air duct on right side that takes air not only to brakes (you have that now) but to oil cooler. You need different fender trim that has opening for heat to dissipate from cooler. Hard to find used one, new one is around $120. Knowing what I know now, I would go heat exchanger route to try it, before oil cooler. But, I already started to buy stuff and it was too late at that point.
Use also heavier oil. Heavier oil creates more heat, no doubt. But at high temperatures it also dissipates more heat than thinner oil. So, something like Motul 5W40 300V or Redline 5W40 or even 10W40 would be really good. Mobil1 15W50 iavailable in Wal Mart is good oil too for track.

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