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I'm in the same situation. I leased a 2019 Audi S5 sportback back in Jan. 2019. I did a 3yr/45k mile lease because I was supposed to be transferred to a different location for work that would require a much longer commute. Change of plans on their part and I ended up almost never driving it because I also have a Raptor I drive. I have about 8 months left on my lease and only 7200 miles and its in mint condition. Very desirable options and color combo(Daytona w/red interior) I know its worth a lot right now and am considering doing the same in selling it to the dealer for a profit.
You don't even have to wait till your lease expires. Who knows what the used car market will be next January. Right now the market is very hot. You can even sell it now (they will obviously factor in the remaining lease payments).
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