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Originally Posted by jimmylad View Post
Let us know if it makes a difference.

Was the egr coked up ? Any pics of it the old egr?


Here's a picture of my removed egr valve, this is aprox 100,000 miles old :

It's done 30,000 miles on what ever fuel, I don't know, and 70,000 miles on 98% v-wer diesel and 2% BP ultimate diesel
It's also been running my DTUK CRD-T tuning box at 340bhp and 510lbs ft.
Very mixed driving, town, distance, high speed, town speed.....and I've had zero issues.

I wouldn't class it as coked up, the inlet manifold has nothing in it compared to the egr pictures.....looking down the head ports, the inlet values are like new !!

As for differences, the idle has always been constant, no fluctuation....but it's smoother now, and slightly quieter.
I've dine over 200 miles now, no EML's, a marginally better spool, stronger midrange pull too.
Seems to have crispened everything up alittle too, although, this may just be the placebo effect

All positive results as far as I'm concerned
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