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Originally Posted by vapore0n View Post
Im guessing they are refering to using a jack on the center point of the car. Which is completely fine as long as the glove doesnt slip. Some people use a piece of wood.

After its up then you can put towers on the side jack points

I destroyed one of the plastic jack points using a standard jack to lift the car up. Learned the hard way.
Your missing my point...
I dont care where you jack a car up from, using a baseball glove and or piece of carpet to aid in jacking a car up isnt what I would consider the best way to accomplish getting jack stands under a car.

I see no reason to use anything to jack a car up at the jack point location. You arent going to damage anything there as long as your careful. The only area of concern for damage would be the plastic jacking points, hence the Jack Pad Adapters. If cars were meant to be lifted with baseball gloves, they would come equipt with a Rawlings (maybe even autographed by Jose Canseco... if your lucky) next to the invisible spare tire in your trunk.

You guys can all do as you please, not going to affect me one way or the other, but the last guy who had a few thousand lb car land on him... thought his plan of attack was bullet proof too!
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