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Originally Posted by gpb View Post
Yeah, and if people were meant to walk around upsidedown and naked they'd be born that way. Oh wait, we were!

Seriously though, I assume you're smart enough to use jack stands instead of relying on a jack to keep the car in the air by itself. Since you can't exactly swap them while the car's in the air, one is either jacking using the jack point and using the jack stand on a different spot or vice versa. Do you use any sort of protective layer for the off-jackpoint contact or no?
So you obviously don't know how to properly lift the E9X chassis. The DIY section and the Maintenance section both cover this in detail. The chassis has two central jack points, one for the front and one for the rear, where you lift the car with the jack and then place jackstands under the plastic lifting points on the rocker panels. The front lifting point is under the engine and is visible by the round indentation in the plastic undershield. The rear jacking point is the rear differential iron case (not the aluminum cover).